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Kristian Idol's Sitcom Specs
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NewsRadio - No Green Jello
Jimmy demands the warring staff create a fun promotional idea.
Got my name in discussions at Just Shoot Me, and I would've been hired at Secret Service Guy, but it got a short order and I was the last man out. D'oh!!
Seinfeld - The Intolerants
Elaine dates a bald man named Yul, Kramer invents a comic-book superhero.
Mindy Schultheis at Fox called it one of the funniest of hundreds she'd read. Hmm... who am I to argue?
South Park - Brad Pitt's Butt
Cartman destroys an important piece of movie memorabilia.
Finalist in the 1998 Scriptwriters Network Competition (highest score in next-to-last round).
The Jackie Thomas Show - My Kingdom for a Verb
Laura's neediness interferes with Jerry's ability to write the crucial season finale.
Jackie Thomas Producer Sid Youngers liked it enough to give it to show-runner Steve Pepoon (who ultimately ran Secret Service Guy, above.)
Home Improvement - Garage Sale Crap
Jill's garage sale purchases instigate a power struggle.
Tim looks at the tiny, ornate endtable.
TIM: You know, if this thing was a person, it would be singing "The Lollipop Song" to Dorothy.
Frasier - Two Ships, One Shill
A one-night-stand steals Frasier's treasured watch.
FRASIER: Tall, well-mannered, in every description a woman of taste. Her very essence a perfumed reminder of the Champs D'Elysse...
NILES: Before the McDonald's.

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