undeserted, a 35mm short film

TIMELINE  (3 Feb 2012)

√   shoot it
√   develop negative
√   telecine to video
√   rough edit
√   shoot pickups
√   more telecine
√   record wild sound
√   rough edit
     fine edit with real editor!
     color time
     special effects
     picture lock
     composer / choose songs
     sound edit
     Los Angeles screening
     release DVD
     submit to festivals
     win awards
     sell to distributor
     make features
     become rich & famous
     crash porsche on mulholland
     make "serious" film
     get booed during oscar acceptance speech
     bitch at agent for lack of work
     shoot no-budget ultra-indie, claim "return to roots"
     ask you for change on the 3rd st. promenade


I caved.

After 9 years of trying to learn complicated software, money issues, technical glitches, people asking "whatever happened to that film you made?", people not asking because I said "When I'm done, you'll know!", feeling guilty, trying to be positive, wondering what the hell is WRONG with me, all while running an entire online business by myself and being the sole caretaker of a dog... I finally gave up the idea that I could edit my 35mm short film by myself.

So I called in a pro.

I'm now working with a real live experienced editor and we have 98% of the picture done and are starting to conform the audio.

I see daylight.

copyright 2012 by 13 idol all rights reserved