undeserted, a 35mm short film

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Dances with Wolves

The Bodyguard

Platoon Leader
Tony Pierce

If Tony looks familiar, it's probably from his role as Spivey in Dances with Wolves. Spivey was the soldier who stole Lt. Dunbar (Kevin Costner)'s journal about the Indians, and tore pages out when another soldier needed toilet paper. Tony was also Whitney Houston's stalker in The Bodyguard.

I chose Tony from seeing him play a very small part as a bartender who produced a cigarette out of thin air for a customer. His performance was so funny and unique.

I asked Tony after the scene if the magic trick was in the script. He told me no, he just wondered what a lonely bartender out in the middle of nowhere might do to pass the time, and brought it to the audition.

Tony thought through the character's life and prepared for this small, one-day role.

And I said to myself, "I have to use this guy."

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Kiss of a Stranger

The Dentist 2

Jillian McWhirter

I first saw Jill in a film called Kiss of a Stranger, where she had a bit part as a junkie. Another one-scene, half-day gig. The way her hands shook while she pulled a drag on a cigarette, and a wonderfully creative line reading made me think, "Hey, she's pretty good."

Then I saw her in The Dentist 2 as a small-town woman who falls for the title character. Warm, genuine, 180 degrees from the addict. And she was just as compelling. I screamed, "Somebody write this woman's name down!" And then they booted me out of the screening.

Jillian has also won several awards for her theatre work.

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SamanthaJillian McWhirter
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MotherRusty Burns
FatherDennis Kent
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TattooAmie Nelson
PigtailsBrittany Istre
HunkMichael Healey

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