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Changes to Star Wars on Blu-ray
Discoveries in Morgan Freeman's Divorce Proceedings
Ernest Borgnine Achievements
Hints the Documentary Was Faked
Secrets of Famous Roommates
Steven Spielberg Secrets
Superhero Movies Starring Gary Busey
Surprises in Your Contract

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Celebrity Halloween Costumes (2003)
Favorite Movies of Famous People
Gay Westerns
Movie Quotes as Spoken by Smurfs
Movie Star Porn Names

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Changes in a Country & Western Version of Batman
Movies Described by a Dumb Guy
Names for a Ben Affleck Shampoo
Rejected Merchandising Ideas for The Passion of the Christ
Things the Crop Circles Are Really Trying to Tell Us

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Action Movies Starring Sean Hayes
Alcoholic Behaviors of Sir Anthony Hopkins
Alternate Titles for Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Amazing Movie Facts
Amenities in Robert De Niro's Hotel
American Translations of Chinese Movie Titles
Atkins Movies
Attractions at Movieland Amusement Park
Awards We'd Like to See for 2005
Back-to-School Movies (Pt. 1)
Back-to-School Movies (Pt. 2)
Backup Names for the New Austin Powers Movie
Bad Business Decisions by Celebrities
Bad Habits Learned From the Entertainment Industry
Benefits to Being a Man in Black
Benefits to Filming in Canada
Benefits to Filming in Los Angeles
Benefits to Working on an Eminem Movie
Best Titles for a "Chick Flick" (Pt. 1)
Best Titles for a "Chick Flick" (Pt. 2)
Best Titles for a "Guy's Movie" (Pt. 1)
Best Titles for a "Guy's Movie" (Pt. 2)
Better Titles for Quentin Tarantino's Next Film
Biggest Movie Goofs
Biopics Stuck in Turnaround
Branded Movie Theater Names (Pt. 1)
Branded Movie Theater Names (Pt. 2)
Broadway Plays About Young Hollywood
Budget Items in the Next Hannibal Movie
Causes of Movie Delays
Celebrities We Want to Sue (and Why)
Celebrity Excuses for Not Trick-or-Treating
Celebrity Family Arguments
Celebrity Illnesses
Celebrity Personalized License Plates
Celebrity Pickup Lines to Civilians
Celebrity T-Shirt Messages
Celebrity Wrestling Names
CGI Effects in "Terminator Salvation"
Changes If Microsoft Ran Hollywood
Changes in a NY Version of Sundance Film Channel
Changes in a Spielberg Remake of Mary Poppins
Chapters in "Hollywood for Dummies" (Pt. 1)
Chapters in "Hollywood for Dummies" (Pt. 2)
Classes in the Michael Bay Film School
Classified Ads in The Hollywood Reporter
Changes to an Indian-Funded Dreamworks
Comic Books You Won't See Adapted into a Movie
Complaints of the Anatomically-Correct Oscar Statue
Completions to the Statement: "Hollywood Is Like..."
Components of Fred Thompson's Political Platform
Consequences of a "Jersey Shore" Porn Movie
Contractual Demands by Santa Claus
Current Events as Movies
Dating Tips From Lindsay Lohan
Differences Between A.I. and a Flaming Bag of Dog Poop
Differences If All Actors Worked Nude
Differences If Brad Pitt Were a Fruit Fly
DIfferences If Christopher Walken Were President
Differences If DVD Pirates Were Actual Pirates
Differences If Hollywood Were Run by Cats
Differences If Hollywood Were Run by the Founding Fathers
Differences If James Bond Was a Travel Agent
Differences If Movies Had Never Been Invented
Differences If Movies Were Made by Babies
Differences If Movies Were Made by Dachshunds
Differences If Movies Were Made by Microsoft
Differences If Peter Jackson and Michael Jackson Switched Places
Differences If Shakespeare and Brad Pitt Switched Bodies
Differences If Shakespeare Wrote Porn
Differences If Tarantino Remade The Wizard of Oz
Differences If the Oscars Were Run by Frat Guys
Differences in a Merchant-Ivory Film Directed by James Cameron
Differences Under President Ben Affleck
Differences Under President Courtney Love
Dishes at Hollywood Thanksgiving Dinners
Double Features
Elderly Adventures of Indiana Jones
Election Slogans for Arnold Schwarzenegger
Entries Discovered in Celebrities' Hospital Files
Entries in James Cameron's Diary
Events in the Hollywood Olympics
Failed New Year's Resolutions of Celebrities
Favorite Movies of Pirates
Features of Disneyland Shanghai
Gadgets the New James Bond Really Needs
Gay Behaviors on Classic Star Trek
Gifts Hollywood Really Wants for Christmas
Gifts in a Hollywood Advent Calendar
Gifts We're Giving to Hollywood
Halloween Treats Handed Out by Celebrities (2002)
Halloween Treats Handed Out by Celebrities (2007)
Hassles of Living Next Door to a Famous Actor
Heroic Feats by Harrison Ford
Highlights of the Alternative Universe Oscars
Highlights of the 2nd Annual Alternative Universe Oscars
Hollywood April Fool's Day Jokes (2001)
Hollywood April Fool's Day Jokes (2008)
Hollywood Couple Name Mash-ups
Hollywood Euphemisms for "Pregnant"
Hollywood Excuses to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket
Hollywood Facebook Status Updates
Hollywood Halloween Costumes (2004)
Hollywood Halloween Traditions
Hollywood Holiday Greeting Card Sentiments
Hollywood Holidays
Hollywood Ice Cream Flavors
Hollywood Lawsuits
Hollywood Near-Death Experiences
Hollywood Plans to End the War in Iraq
Hollywood "Stay-cations"
Hollywood Street Gangs
Hollywood Thanksgiving Prayers
Hollywood Tourism Slogans
Hollywood Typos
Inappropriate Hollywood Christmas Tie-Ins
Inappropriate Soundtrack Songs (Pt. 1)
Inappropriate Soundtrack Songs (Pt. 2)
Inconsistencies in The Lord of the Rings
Indications David Duchovny Is a Sex Addict
Indications the Movie Was Made by Stoners
iPod Movies
Issues Other Countries Have With Hollywood
Items Celebrities Are Selling on eBay
Items Found by the Oscar Cleanup Crew
Items Found in the Pitt-Aniston Mansion
Items in the Creature From The Black Lagoon's Will
Items on the Female Terminator's To-Do List
Items Shoplifted By Winona Ryder
Items Stolen from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Janet Jackson Movies
Jennifer Aniston Pet Nicknames for Brad Pitt
John Malkovich Pickup Lines
Least-Known Hollywood Cosmetic Surgeries
Least-Popular Concession Items
Least-Thrilling Movies
Leftover Submissions Found During Our Spring Cleaning
Memorabilia Items Auctioned This Year
Menu Items at a Hollywood Deli
Messages on Hollywood Answering Machines
Modern Christmas Movies
Modern Disaster Movies
Most-Accurate Movie Ad Quotes
Movie "Almosts" (Dialogue)
Movie "Almosts" (Title)
Movie Anagrams
Movie Drinking Games
Movie Equations
Movie Haiku
Movie Ideas for the Old Spice Guy
Movie Industry Crimes
Movie Industry Superheroes
Movie Industry Tax Deductions
Movie Limericks
Movie Myths
Movie Oxymorons
Movie Proverbs
Movie Quotes Co-opted by Another Person
Movie-Based Game Shows
Movie-Inspired Sexual Positions
Movies About Airport Security
Movies About Black Friday
Movies About Congressman Mark Foley
Movies About Frogs
Movies About Spam (Email)
Movies About Spam (Meat)
Movies About the 2004 Democratic Convention
Movies About the 2004 Republican Convention
Movies About the 2008 Presidential Primaries
Movies About the Economy
Movies About the Fur Industry
Movies About the Spurned Woman Astronaut
Movies Being Developed by George Clooney
Movies by Victoria's Secret
Movies Described as a Police Report
Movies in Development from Starbucks
Movies Nominated for an Iraqi Oscar
Movies on Mars (Pt. 1)
Movies on Mars (Pt. 2)
Movies on the Planet of the Apes
Movies on the Sun
Movies to Watch When You're Sick
Movies Written and Produced by Dogs
Names for a Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher Baby
Names for a New Schwarzenegger Restaurant
Nasty Movie Review Quotes
Nativity Scene Rewrites
New Britney Spears Movies
New Lawsuits Against Sacha Baron Cohen
New Movie Ratings
New Movies on YouTube
New Religious Movies
New Rules in Modern Vampire Movies
New Warnings on DVDs
New Year's Horoscopes for Hollywood
Nike Ad Slogans Featuring Jennifer Aniston
Nostradamus Movie Predictions (Pt. 1)
Nostradamus Movie Predictions (Pt. 2)
Oscars We'd Like to Award
Other Comments by Robert Redford at Sundance
Other Secrets of the Soylent Corporation
Other Things George Clooney Is Afraid Of
Perks of Being Famous
Pet Peeves of a Stunt Double
Pet Peeves of a Terminator
Pet Peeves of the Dolly Grip
Pet Peeves of the Hollywood Papparazzi
Pieces of Furniture Left in Britney Spears' Home
Plotline Ideas of Ours for Saw VII
Plotlines If Schwarzenegger Appears in Terminator 4
Poor Examples of Hollywood Activism
Porn Movies About the Internet
Problems Dealing with Animated Actors
Problems Making Catwoman
Problems with Netflix
Product Placements in a Classic Film (Pt. 1)
Product Placements in a Classic Film (Pt. 2)
Proofs That Nobody Knows Anything
Questions Producers Ask Before Making a Movie
Real Reasons Harrison Ford Hates the Internet
Reasons a Potential Blockbuster Gets Delayed
Reasons Burt Reynolds Is Angry
Reasons Charlie Sheen Is Angry
Reasons for the Affleck/Lopez Breakup
Reasons for the Cage/Presley Divorce
Reasons George Clooney and Brad Pitt Didn't Build a Casino
Reasons Gigli Is Better Than Glitter
Reasons Hand Animation Is Dead
Reasons Knocked Up Did So Well
Reasons Movie Tickets Are Now $10
Reasons Movies Should Be in Black and White
Reasons Paris Hilton Got More Jail Time
Reasons People Follow Movie Critics' Advice
Reasons Real Actors Are Better Than Computer Animation
Reasons Russell Crowe Is Angry
Reasons Sports Movies Are So Popular
Reasons the Olsen Twins Are Separating
Reasons the TopFive Writers Missed Their List Anniversary
Reasons the Tomb Raider Sequel Has Done Poorly
Reasons Ticket Sales Dropped Last Year
Reasons to Go to a Foreign Film Festival (banned #1)
Reasons to Go to a Foreign Film Festival (published)
Reasons to Live in Hollywood
Reasons TV Is Better Than the Movies
Reasons We Want Roger Ebert to Get Better
Reasons Your Movie Didn't Win at Sundance
Reboot Ideas for Spiderman 4
Rejected DVD Features
Rejected Lines in Casablanca
Rejected Merchandising Ideas for Pearl Harbor
Rejected Movie Poster Taglines
Rejected Sequels, Episode 1
Rejected Sequels, Episode 2
Rejected Titles for the New High School Musical Sequel
Results of Cancelling the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards
Romantic Storylines for Tom Cruise's Next Movie
Scandals at This Year's Celebrity Thanksgiving Dinner
Scandals We Predict for 2009
Scariest Things in Hollywood
Scenes Edited Out of the Harry Potter Movie
Scenes They Forgot in Tropic Thunder
Scientific Names for Movie Industry Things
Screen Actors Guild Contract Demands
Script Notes on the New Adam Sandler Movie
Scripts Written as Candy Valentine Hearts
Second Jobs of Celebrities
Secret Features of Sony's Blu-Ray DVD Format
Secrets of the Yo Yo Brotherhood
Security Measures at This Year's Oscars
Side Effects If Everyone in Hollywood Quit Smoking
Side Effects If Spider-Man Were Overweight
Side Effects of the "Family-Friendly" DVD Player
Signs a Child Actor May Actually Be the AntiChrist
Signs a Film Is Going to Bomb
Signs a Film Was Directed by a Ten-Year-Old
Signs a Movie Review Is Fake
Signs a Zombie Is in Love
Signs an Actor Is Communist
Signs an Actor Is Either Gay or a Space Alien
Signs an Animated Movie Is in Trouble
Signs Hollywood Is in a Recession
Signs It's Going to Be a Bad Year for Movies
Signs of the Hollywood Apocalypse
Signs Sundance Is Getting Out of Control
Signs That a "Chick Flick" Is in Trouble
Signs That DVD Is a Bootleg
Signs That Oscar Campaigning Was Out of Control
Signs the Academy Members Are Too Old
Signs the PA May Be a Spy
Signs the Script Was Written by a Monkey
Signs the Showbiz Apocolypse Is Coming
Signs There Won't Be a Sequel (Pt. 1)
Signs There Won't Be a Sequel (Pt. 2)
Signs Tom Cruise Is Going Nuts
Signs You Don't Know How to Run a Movie Theater
Signs You Go to Too Many Movies
Signs You Might Be an Avatard
Signs You're a Has-Been
Signs You're an Obnoxious Stage Mother
Signs You're Being Stalked by a Bad Stalker
Signs You're Being Stalked by a Screenwriter
Signs You're Not Movie Star Material
Signs You're Too Stupid to Watch Movies
Signs You've Hired the Wrong Caterer for Your Film
Signs You've Married the Wrong Celebrity
Signs Your Agent Is a Secret Agent
Signs Your Agent Is About to Dump You
Signs Your Audition Isn't Going Very Well
Signs Your Child Has a Career in Movies
Signs Your Indie Investor Is Nuts
Signs Your Personal Assistant Is Actually a Dog
Signs Your Pet Is a Secret Agent
Signs Your Publicist Is Nuts
Signs Your Talent Is Too High-Maintenance
Similarities Between Hollywood and Ancient Rome
Star-Making Roles for Christina Ricci
Statements That Celebrities Would Like to Retract
Stunt Casting Ideas
Surprises at This Year's Academy Awards (2006)
Surprises at This Year's Academy Awards (2009)
Surprises in Casino Royale
Surprises in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Surprises in James Cameron's Avatar
Surprises in Jurassic Park 3
Surprises in Minority Report
Surprises in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Pt. 1
Surprises in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Pt. 2
Surprises in Terminator 3
Surprises in the Anthony Pellicano Trial
Surprises in the Harry Potter Movie Trailer
Surprises in the New Star Trek
Surprises in the New Willy Wonka Movie
Surprises on the Cruise Ship "Poseidon"
Symptoms of the Hollywood Flu
Things Celebrities' Parents Do That Embarasses Them
Things Celebrities Say During Lovemaking
Things Celebrities Won't Talk About in Interviews
Things Found by Celebrities During Spring Cleaning
Things Found Inside the Hollywood Turkey
Things Hollywould Could Learn From Jury Duty
Things Learned from My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Things Lindsay Lohan Learned in Jail
Things Movie People Are Thankful For
Things Nicolas Cage Will Sell to Pay His Tax Bill
Things Overheard at the Affleck/Garner Wedding
Things Overheard at the Havana Film Festival
Things Overheard at the Heche/Degeneres Encounter
Things Overheard at Vince Vaughn's Wedding
Things Overheard If Bush Visited the Set of The West Wing
Things Overheard in Line for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Things Overheard on a Movie Set That Sound Dirty
Things Overheard on a Playboy Movie Set
Things Overheard on an Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore Getaway
Things Overheard on the Set of the New Woody Allen Movie
Things to Do While in Line for Star Wars: Episode II
Things We Don't Want to See in 2007 (Pt. 1)
Things We Don't Want to See in 2007 (Pt. 2)
Things We Missed on February 29th
Things We'd See If Ed Wood Were Alive Today
Things We'd See If Johnny Knoxville Ran the Presidential Debates
Things We'd See If They Made Swiss Family Trump
Things We'll See at the 2008 Academy Awards
Things Wesley Snipes Will Sell to Pay His Tax Bill
Things You Can Do When the Movie Is Boring (Pt. 1)
Things You Can Do When the Movie Is Boring (Pt. 2)
Things You'll Never Hear an Actor Say
Things You'll Never Hear on Moviefone
Third Anniversary Gifts Hollywood Gave Us
Titles for Star Wars: Episodes 7, 8, and 9
Titles of the Hillary Clinton Movie
Top5 Movies Submissions Still on the Shelf
12 Days of Hollywood Christmas
Undiscovered Schwarzenegger Scandals
Unedited Famous Movie Quotes
Unfinished Orson Welles Films
Unknown Ways to Receive an Academy Award
Unusual Digital Effects in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
Uses for Movie Popcorn
Variety Headlines
Ways Ashton Kutcher Can Get People to Take Him Seriously
Ways Celebrities Say "Goodbye" to Their Lovers
Ways Daniel Craig Is Preparing for the Next Bond Film
Ways David Hasselhoff Can Get the Knight Rider Movie Made
Ways Harrison Ford Might Propose to Calista Flockhart
Ways Hollywood Is Different Than High School
Ways Hollywood Is Evolving
Ways Hollywood Is Helping Fight Terrorism
Ways Movie Stars Save Money
Ways Movies Are Better Than a Barbeque
Ways Movies Are Better Than Sex
Ways Movies Are Like Poker
Ways Movies Are Like Thanksgiving
Ways Movies Will Be Different in the Year 3003
Ways Movies Will Be Different Under George Bush's Second Term
Ways Movies Would Differ Under a McCain/Palin Administration
Ways Movies Would Differ Under an Obama/Biden Administration
Ways Movies Would Be Different Under President John Kerry
Ways Rhoda Morgenstern Will Seek Revenge Upon Laura Ingalls
Ways Rush Hour 3 Is Different Than Its Predecessors
Ways Schwarzenegger Can Raise His Approval Rating
Ways Spider-Man Is Spending All That Cash
Ways Stardom Has Changed the Harry Potter Characters
Ways Steve Jobs Will Change Disney
Ways Tara Reid Can Improve Her Public Image
Ways the Industry Would Be Different If Actors Were Cattle
Ways to Choose the Next James Bond
Ways to Get Clint Eastwood to Do Another Dirty Harry Movie
Ways to Get Marlon Brando in Your Film
Ways to Get Sean Connery to Do Another Movie
Ways to "Green" a Hollywood Wedding
Ways to Improve Spy Thrillers
Ways to Make Movies "Green"
Ways to Make Roger Ebert Laugh
Ways to Make Watching It's a Wonderful Life More Interesting
Ways to Save Disney
Ways to Spend More Money on a Movie Than James Cameron
Ways to Trick Critics Into Giving You a Good Review
Ways We'd Make Movies Cooler
Weird Things Actors Did to Themselves For a Role
World's Shortest Films
Worse Names for Star Wars: Episode II
Worst Date Movies
Worst Jobs with Disney
Worst Last Lines Using the Title
Worst Moments in Movie History
Worst Movie-Themed Video Games
Worst New Movie Titles
Worst Product Placements
Writers Guild Contract Demands

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Alcoholic Behaviors on Classic Star Trek
Boy Band Rider Clauses
Broadway Shows About Rappers
Operas About Oprah
Reality Shows on Pluto
Reasons Pamela Anderson Should Be a TV Executive
Reasons That CDs Are So Expensive
Rejected Holiday Specials
Surprises of the New Fall TV Season
Survivor Crew Member Pick-up Lines
Things Regis Philbin Will Do with His New-Found Wealth
Ways That "Testing, Testing..." Guy Unwinds After the Sound Check
Worst Things About Being Britney Spears' Roadie

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