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                          March 26, 2010                          

                       NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:                        

             He flooded an abandoned nuclear reactor              
             to shoot The Abyss. He spent over $200               
           million on Terminator 2. He had sets made            
           from the Titanic's original builder's plans.           
             He invented new technology for Avatar.             

 The Top 8 Ways to Spend More Money on a Movie Than James Cameron 

 8. Involve Halliburton in set construction.

 7. Have Bernie Madoff finance it.

 6. Craft services serves only Almas caviar, 1787 Chateau Lafite
    and Belgian truffle M&Ms.

 5. Hire the entire US and Chinese armies to be extras in the big
    fight scene.

 4. To reboot Planet of the Apes, invent a time machine and go
    back a few million years.

 3. Promise to pay lifelong rehab for your stars Charlie Sheen,
    Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love.

 2. On Golden Pond 2 shoots on a man-made, 24-carat lake.

                and the Number 1 Way to Spend More                
               Money on a Movie Than James Cameron...             

 1. "We're going to remake 2001: A Space Odyssey. On location."

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Glenn Anthony, San Carlos, CA     -- 1, 2, 5, 6 (Gross points!)
Jim G. Phynn, Horsham, PA         -- 1, 7
Scott Witmer, Hanover, PA         -- 1, 8
Bruce Alter, Fairfax Station, VA  -- 1
Peter Casper, Brisbane, Australia -- 1
Donald Johnson, Cincinnati, OH    -- 1
Jill Gallagher, Seattle, WA       -- 3, 4
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA        -- Edits comedy for $10,000/hr.

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