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                           July 9, 2010                           

                       NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:                        

        Supposedly, the Harrison Ford / Calista Flockhart         
         wedding last month was environmentally-friendly.         

          The Top 8 Ways to "Green" a Hollywood Wedding           

 8. Recycle what's left of last month's wedding cake.

 7. Have Paris Hilton flash her hoo-hah from a Prius.

 6. Bouquet tossed directly into compost bin.

 5. Why write your own vows when you can use this old script from

 4. Use large solar panels to shield the event from TMZ

 3. Hook Mel Gibson up to a windmill and let his hot air provide
    electricity for the whole evening.

 2. "2 save paper, we will 4go invites programs + menus.. pls
    check your twitter accordingly"

    and the Number 1 Way to ̉GreenÓ a Hollywood Wedding...

 1. Fill the stretch Hummer with E85.

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William C. Martell, Studio City, CA -- 5, 8
Judith Cotrill, Bronx, NY           -- 6
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