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                          March 7, 2008                           

                       NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:                        

           Sean Connery, 76, hasn't made a movie since            
          2002's disastrous The League of Extraordinary            
            Gentlemen. Said Connery, "I'm fed up with            
               the idiots... It would almost need a               
               Mafia-like offer I couldn't refuse."               

      The Top 8 Ways to Get Sean Connery to Do Another Movie      

 8. Stock the food service truck with haggis.

 7. Let him do the whole movie in bluescreen, right from his easy

 6. A movie with a plotline pushing for Scottish independence
    might do the trick.

 5. Promise to track down and destroy all copies of Zardoz.

 4. "So, the script is called 'Two Hours of Connery Playing Golf'.
    Whaddya say?"

 3. Offer him another movie with Pussy Galore. And a female
    henchman, too.

 2. Grant him a real license to kill and a map to Stephen
    Norrington's house.

                 and the Number 1 Way to Get Sean                 
                  Connery to Do Another Movie...                  

 1. Now that Catherine Zeta-Jones is getting a little long in the
    tooth, pair him up with a more age-appropriate leading lady
    such as Keira Knightley or Ellen Page.

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