Video Killed The Literary Star...

                          November 15, 2001

                           NOTE FROM ERIC:

             After years of anticipation, Harry Potter
              and the Sorcerer's Stone is expected to
             be one of the biggest movies of the year.

                 Surely that kind of success must 
                   go to a young wizard's head...

               The Top 9 Ways Stardom Has Changed
                  the Harry Potter Characters

 9. Harry demands to be referred to as "The Wizard Formerly Known
    as Potter" and changes his name to the little symbol on his

 8. We're pretty certain Hermoine never said "You go, 
    girlfrien'!" in any of the books.

 7. Eye of Newt must come only from the finest shops on Rodeo.

 6. Though his WWF career is by all accounts successful, no one
    really wanted to see Hagrid in a wrestling singlet.

 5. Three words: Voldemort's Libel Suit.

 4. During delirious appearance on Leno, Harry introduces world
    to "Celestia", his newfound alien/self.

 3. After the huge success of the first movie, the original Ron
    Weasley found dead from drowning in his-own-vomit-flavored
    Bertie Botts Jellybeans.

 2. Hermione starts cutting classes and hanging with Matt Dillon
    circa The Outsiders.

            and the Number 1 Way Stardom Has Changed
                  the Harry Potter Characters...

 1. "I - said - DIET Butter Beer, dammit!"

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