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                            May 16, 2002

                           NOTE FROM ERIC:

             With a $114 million box office in its first
          weekend, and $200 million in the bank after nine
             days, Spider-Man is poised to be one of the
           most lucrative films in history. So, how is the
                     star handling his success?

         The Top 9 Ways Spider-Man Is Spending All That Cash

 9. Cosmetic surgery to remove excess eyes.

 8. Buying Daily Bugle, telling editor to kiss his "big ol'
    sticky butt."

 7. Lobbying Congress to pass a law banning Black Flag and
    rolled-up newspapers.

 6. Some real Mary Jane, yo yo yo.

 5. Paying Pam Anderson to plant a big wet kiss right on his

 4. Subsidizing own line of tuffets.

 3. Renting out Madison Square Garden, filling the auditorium
    with millions of dead flies, rolling around in it and
    laughing, laughing, laughing.

 2. Spider-Strength Advil for "extra-tingly" headaches.

    and the Number 1 Way Spider-Man Is Spending All That Cash...

 1. Did somebody say McLarvae?

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