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                        September 7, 2007                         

   The Top 8 Ways Rush Hour 3 Is Different Than Its Predecessors  

 8. Less rush, seemingly endless hours.

 7. Chris Tucker three times more annoying, three times still not
    a star.

 6. The cracking you hear when Jackie Chan hits someone? It's the
    sound of his joints.

 5. Even the Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby weren't enough to scare
    the stink out of this dog.

 4. Only one more sequel until Joe Pesci will start appearing.

 3. Having exhausted all racist stereotype jokes, the entire movie
    consists of just Tucker and Chan yelling unintelligibly.

 2. This time, Chris Tucker plays the Asian guy.

               and the Number 1 Way Rush Hour 3 Is               
                Different Than Its Predecessors...                

 1. The ending scene at the airport? Chan is on Tucker's left
    side this time.

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Selected from 34 submissions from 10 contributors.
This week's list authors are:
William C. Martell, Studio City, CA -- 1, 7, 8 (Three pic deal!)
Scott Witmer, Hanover, PA           -- 2, 4
Kim Moser, New York, NY             -- 3
Stephen A. Segall, Poplar Bluff, MO -- 5
Bruce Alter, Fairfax Station, VA    -- 6
Jeff Rabinowitz, Wilkes-Barre, PA   -- 8
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA          -- Tries Not To Rush

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