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                          March 15, 2002

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

         After bitterly contesting the Screen Actors Guild
        election, Valerie "Rhoda" Harper lost a second time
         to Melissa "Little House on the Prairie" Gilbert
                      to run the actors union.

                  The Top 7 Ways Rhoda Will Seek
                    Revenge Upon Laura Ingalls 

 7. Send that guy with the huge face over to scare the hell
    outta her.

 6. Set her up on a blind date with Ed Asner, because man,
    that's one hairy dude.

 5. Large trade ads that read "Almonzo was a lousy lay!"

 4. "What happened to Chuckles the Clown could happen
    to you, too, farm-girl."

 3. Sign her up for Weakest Link: Power-Hungry Has-Beens Edition.

 2. "Laura Ingalls, Tony Baretta. Tony Baretta, Laura Ingalls."

                and the Number 1 Way Rhoda Will Seek
                    Revenge Upon Laura Ingalls...

 1. Send Phyllis over to "fix her wagon".

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