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                         January 3, 2003

                       NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

                         Happy New Year!! 

     The Top 7 Ways Movies Will Be Different in the Year 3003 

 7. Other than being holographic (I want a Giant popcorn and a
    Super-sized drink!) movies will be pretty much the same
    (I need to see this movie again... today!) as they've always
    been: boy meets girl, boy loses girl (Must - patronize - this
    theater - again) boy gets girl.

 6. In Forest Lawn Cemetery, Pamela Anderson's breasts will
    finally start to deteriorate.

 5. Two hours of commercials and 2 minutes of movie.

 4. Best Picture: Planet of the Humans. Best Actor: K'eanu Rev 5.

 3. Beamed 3-D directly into your brain; most men believe they
    have out-skiied avalanches and slept with Gwyneth 113.

 2. Ticket prices drop from an outrageous $195.00 to a very
    reasonable $179.00.

              and the Number 1 Way Movies Will Be
                  Different in the Year 3003...

 1. In the re-animated The Ten Commandments, the part of Moses
    will actually be played by Moses.

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