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                          August 5, 2005 

          The Top 9 Things You'll Never Hear on Moviefone

 9. "Welcome to Moviefone. I'm not wearing pants."

 8. "The movie you selected... Revenge of the Sith... is a
     piece of crap. Please select a different movie."

 7. "That's the sixth movie this week. Try reading a book some
     time, NASCAR."

 6. "You know, you could wait a month and buy it on DVD for less
     than the price of 2 tickets and a jumbo popcorn..."

 5. "Press '6' if you thought this was a phone sex line."

 4. "Help! I'm being held captive in a telemarketing sweatshop!
     To call the police, press 1."

 3. "The 7:30 showing of The Island is sold out."

 2. "War of the Worlds, great. It's on 4000 freaking screens,
     genius. Just show up and it'll start in ten minutes!"

     and the Number 1 Thing You'll Never Hear on Moviefone...

 1. "Thank you for calling Moviefone, one of the last great
     relics of the pre-internet age. For showtimes, press 1.
     For instructions on how to send a telegram, press 2.
     For hot phonograph sales, press 3..."

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Selected from 23 submissions from 8 contributors.
This week's list authors are:
John English, Orem, UT         -- 1, 2 (9th #1)
Brandon Hunt, Braintree, MA    -- 3, 6, 9 (Three picture deal!)
Kim Moser, New York, NY        -- 4, 8
Jill Gallagher, Seattle, WA    -- 5, 7
Danny Gallagher, Henderson, TX -- Topic
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA     -- Silky Throat

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