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               "Bride, groom or Jolie-Pitt family?"               

                         January 8, 2010                          

                       NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:                        

             Swingers actor and Jennifer Aniston ex             
             Vince Vaughn quietly married a Canadian              
                   real estate agent last week.                   

       The Top 8 Things Overheard at Vince Vaughn's Wedding       

 8. "At least she got him before he grew old and puff-- uh, never

 7. "I don't care if a couple Comic-Con guys sneak in, but if you
    see the Salahis, shoot them."

 6. "Oh, please, let them start making babies soon, so he'll make
    fewer movies!"

 5. "Couldn't dodge the ol' wedding ring, huh?" "Instead of rice,
    are we going to throw dodgeballs?" "Single in your forties,
    guess you dodged a bullet there, huh!" "ENOUGH, I GET IT!"

 4. "C'mon, Favs, couldn't Iron Man have some fast-talking
    sidekick superhero, like the Iron Chatterer or something?"

 3. "Swinger? He'll be swingin' on a leash now."

 2. "You know, baby, I could have hitched up with that Aniston
    broad, she was willing, you know? But I kept thinking - do I
    want Pitt's cast offs? And then there was the hair thing.
    You know she's Greek, right? Well, baby, that all sounds good
    up to a point. Because they've got all of that hair. Not just
    the hair on her head, but the hair down there. I've done some
    bush exploration in the past, but it's a jungle down there, I
    swear. So, baby, I figured you were, you know, the one, so I
    figured "why not?"... Which, I guess is the same as saying 'I
    do', right?"

    and the Number 1 Thing Overheard at Vince Vaughn's Wedding...

 1. "Geeze, his vows aren't funny, either."

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