Bay Of Tofu Pork

                          December 6, 2001

                           NOTE FROM ERIC:

          In Havana, Cuba Monday, the 23rd annual Havana
         International Film Fest of Latin American Cinema
         was held, with 21 films competing for top honors.

      The Top 9 Things Overheard at the Havana Film Festival

9. "Welcome, welcome to our famous film festival! Here is your
    packet of pre-marked ballots."

8. "Yo, check it out! Fidel's wearing J.Lo's Grammy dress!"

7. "There's still time to visit the concession stand for pork
    sandwiches and fried plantains!"

6. "I think the awards might be rigged - Cuba Gooding, Jr. just
    took home Best Actress."

5. "And the lifetime achievement award goes to... Janet Reno!"

4. "What is it like... you know, to get to America?" "Ahh...
    it's like warm apple pie."

3. "So I said 'The cast sucks', but they thought I said 'Castro
    sucks', and next thing you know I'm here in jail."

2. "Is Thirteen Days being considered for Best Documentary,
     Best Comedy, or Best Horror?"

   and the Number 1 Thing Overheard at the Havana Film Festival...

1. "And the winner is... Capitalist American Pig Beauty!"

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