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                         January 31, 2003 

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

           Indie wunderfilm My Big Fat Greek Wedding was
          made for only $5 million, and has now generated
           nearly $240 million at the box office. So what
            has Hollywood learned from this experience?

      The Top 8 Things Learned from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

 8. Don't get too attached to the pet lamb.

 7. Apparently, "fat" means about 5'6", 148 pounds.

 6. Reshoot Terminator 3 for $75 million less, call it
    My Big Pumped-Up Austrian Wedding.

 5. Men can be fooled into seeing a chick flick if you call it a
    "very successful independent film".

 4. It's okay to cast a member of a boy band in your movie, but
    only when you need someone to play a big, grinning idiot.

 3. Big, fat Greek demographic has lots of big, fat disposable

 2. That bastard Stallone should give back $80 million.

   and the Number 1 Thing Learned from My Big Fat Greek Wedding...

 1. Tom Hanks' wife knows a good thing when she sees it.

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                          BIG FAT HITS

                   My Big Fat Greek Wedding

                         Zorba the Greek

         International Male Greek Bikini Brief Underwear

Selected from 27 submissions from 12 contributors.
Today's Top 5 List authors are:
Dave Ferry, Purvis, MS            -- 1 (2nd #1)
Scott Witmer, Hanover, PA         -- 2, 3, 6 (Three picture deal!)
Reid Kerr, Tyler, TX              -- 3
Rabbi Crut, Bowling Green, OH     -- 4, 5
Arthur Levesque, Laurel, MD       -- 6
Kris Johnson, Glendale, CA        -- 7
Michael Cunningham, Woodridge, IL -- 8
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA        -- Still Single List Editor

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