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                       September 17, 2004

                       NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

          You just can't write this stuff, my friends.
              For $125, Sylvester Stallone's mother
                will "read" a picture of your ass. 

   The Top 8 Things Celebrities' Parents Do That Embarasses Them

 8. Mrs. Hilton - Keeps showing home videos of Paris where she's
    fully dressed.

 7. Mrs. Howard - Sends all of Ron's baseball caps to be washed
    at once, forcing him to wear a beret.

 6. Mr. Crowe - Helps up and dusts off everyone Russell beats up.

 5. Madonna's grandmother - Makes the singer wear her hand-me-down
    cone bras.

 4. The Knoxvilles - Keep reminding Johnny to put on his cup
    before leaving the house.

 3. Oliver Stone's parents - Refuse to wear the tinfoil hats.

 2. Mrs. Diesel - Put Vincent's high-school Care Bear collection
    up on eBay.

              and the Number 1 Thing a Celebrity's
               Parents Do That Embarasses Them...

1. Mrs. Shayamalan - Keeps calling Night with shocking,
   reality-warping news right before he goes to bed.

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