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                         August 24, 2007                          

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         The Top 8 Signs There Won't Be a Sequel (Pt. 2)         

 7. The writer is still struggling with plotlines for
    Everybody Dies 2.

 6. The premiere wasn't held at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood,
    it was held at a chinese restaurant in Pacoima.

 5. Rocky can't even get his gloves up anymore.

 4. Don't ask me, I'm still waiting for Reservoir Dogs II.

 3. Hundreds of projectors nationwide spontaneously combusted
    rather than show one more frame of the film.

 2. Even Michael Bay called it a big, loud, stupid waste of

    and the Number 1 Sign There Won't Be a Sequel...

 1. "I Swear To God, On My Grandmother's Grave, Yes I Did See You,
    And I Am Coming To Get You, Because I Really Really Do Know No
    Matter How Much You Deny It, I've Even Posted A Video On
    YouTube, So We Can All Know That I Still Know What You Did
    Last Summer" just isn't gonna fly.

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Joe Paraschac, Campbell, CA     -- 4
Randy Redmond, Frederick, MD    -- 5
Marc Berard, Central Falls,  RI -- 6
Mark Raymond, Flint, MI         -- 7
Mark David, Sunnyvale, CA       -- 7
Michele Lord, Lincoln NE        -- Topic
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA      -- List Editor II

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