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                         November 9, 2001

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

           Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, Whitney Houston...
             what's an inhumanly good-looking actor
                  to do about all those rumors?

                      One thing's for sure:
            they're different than the rest of us...

    The Top 7 Signs an Actor Is Either Gay or a Space Alien

 7. Strange pallor? Check.
    Huge eyes, no nose? Check.
    Wears only one glove? Uh-oh.

 6. They pull off their face for the big climax, but they're not 
    wearing prosthetics.

 5. Prays to God that The Ellen Show won't go up against 
    Will & Grace.

 4. Yeah, right: Like a straight guy could care about Tibet.

 3. After a good take, hugs the director. After a great take, 
    pats the dolly grip on the ass.

 2. Has pre-ordered the Sweatin' to the Oldies DVD box set.

 and the Number 1 Sign an Actor Is Either Gay or a Space Alien...

 1. He dumped Nicole Kidman, fer Christ's sake!!

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