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                        September 12, 2008                        

        The Top 7 Scenes They Forgot in Tropic Thunder          

 7. Scene where the actors moan and groan how they can't get any
    decent rest at night, while lying on large piles of money.

 6. Robert Downey, Jr. trying to cover up his black makeup with a
    lighter shade of pale.

 5. Andrew Wilson as Luke Wilson in the obligatory Owen Wilson

 4. Sequence where Robert Downey, Jr. misunderstands the word
    "frag" and goes after Jack Black like he was Ned Beatty.

 3. The scene where Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara suggest to Ben
    that he become a CPA.

 2. They left out the plot twist that this was really a movie
    about a documentary about actors filming a movie based on a
    book about fake experiences that was actually real life.

    and the Number 1 Scene They Forgot in Tropic Thunder...

 1. The real film crew voting Ben Stiller off the continent.

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