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                         August 23, 2001

                         NOTE FROM ERIC:

         Phantom Menace star Ewan McGregor recently told
         a British magazine he'd never live in Hollywood.
           "I might like working there," McGregor said,
                   "but I'd never live there."

            The Top 9 Reasons to Live in Hollywood

 9. Dramatic suicide by hanging much more difficult to do off
    of most other cities' signs.

 8. Regular dust-ups of studio executives make for plenty of
    parking attendants.

 7. "I can't believe I'm screwing the same hooker as 
     Charlie Sheen!"

 6. Because the last time they had a British Academy Awards
    ceremony, seven people showed up and five of those were

 5. If you're ever in trouble, Harrison Ford's rescue 'copter
    is right around the corner.

 4. Got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Get 10% off at
    participating area El Pollo Locos.

 3. "So in order to consummate this important business deal,
     all we have to do is -- HEY, LOOK! JOE PISCOPO!"

 2. You know that "Hope I Die Before I Get Old" song? Between
    skin cancer, earthquakes, smog warnings, and various
    traffic-related incidents, your odds for fulfilling that
    goal are much better.

    and the Number 1 Reason to Live in Hollywood...

 1. Very convenient locale if you aren't a Ewan McGregor fan.

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