Putting the "sin" back into "synthespian"

                           July 26, 2001

                          NOTE FROM ERIC:

           With the life-like animation of Final Fantasy
            and the amazing box-office returns of Shrek,
           some fear that computer-generated actors will
            put their human counterparts out of work...

                         We don't think so.

                 The Top 9 Reasons Real Actors Are
                  Better Than Computer Animation

 9. When you lose a human actor in a crash, you at least get
    some publicity out of it.

 8. Real actors can ad-lib scenes and modify the script
    on-the-fly. Well, unless they're Keanu Reeves.

 7. Human actress catches a virus? Production delayed by a
    week or two. CGI actor gets a virus? She's missing a leg
    and talking like the Incredible Hulk.

 6. Humans: Casting couch
    Computers: Beta testing
    You decide.

 5. CGI actors don't have souls. Human actors, on the other
    hand... oh, wait.

 4. Having Marlon Brando in your movie? $15 million for 30 days
    work. Rendering Marlon Brando's butt into a computer? Six
    years, $70 million in staff and equipment, and frankly, the
    technology isn't even available yet.

 3. Hit control-C a couple times, and all of a sudden L.A. would
    be lousy with virtual Olsen twins.

 2. Fans just seem to enjoy seeing their species achieve.

                and the Number 1 Reason Real Actors
                Are Better Than Computer Animation...

 1. With human actors, the "I LOVE YOU" virus doesn't cause
    crashes, merely divorces.

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