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                         January 25, 2002 

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

                Waterworld was delayed by weather.
           The Matrix sequels were slowed by injuries.
           The release of Collateral Damage was pushed
                in sensitivity to current events...

      The Top 7 Reasons a Potential Blockbuster Gets Delayed 

 7. Actors keep tripping over all the product placements.

 6. More time needed to cut the explanatory scenes, because
    "no one's gonna watch a movie that's longer than 2 hours".

 5. Movie stopped for a burger and then missed that left turn
    at Albuquerque.

 4. Cameron slipped while stepping on the only crew member in
    Hollywood that he hasn't yelled at.

 3. Digital Domain's doing effects shots, Second Unit work in
    Prague is going well, and the stunt crew has the car chase
    set up on the 405... Ohhhh -- no script.

 2. Still waiting for that Wendy's guy to film the merchandising

   and the Number 1 Reason a Potential Blockbuster Gets Delayed...

 1. Schwarzenegger got Novocain for a root canal and now not even
    Maria can understand what the hell he's saying.

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