March 15, 2001

                         NOTE FROM ERIC:
          As if New Yorkers don't have enough to kvetch
         about, movie ticket prices have soared there in 
          recent years, finally hitting $10 last month.

           The Top 9 Reasons Movie Tickets Are Now $10

 9. Making change for $9.50 too darn tricky!

 8. Something's got to offset the falling NASDAQ.

 7. Finally upgrading Tinseltown to Platinumville.

 6. Kevin Costner movies can now gross an even $70, as opposed
   to the usual $56.95.

 5. Even at $10, dinner and a movie is still cheaper than 
    hooker and a VD test.

 4. Can you put a price the look on Ashton Kutcher's face when 
    he finally does indeed find his car?

 3. Needed for emergency tanning-salon funds after recent 
    weeks of L.A. rainstorms.

 2. Now with popcorn, you get choice of real butter or
    molten gold.

    and the Number 1 Reason Movie Tickets Are Now $10...

 1. English subtitles for Chinese-language film: $1,055,732.69 
    Post-production wire removal: $7,902,315.16 
    Making Michelle Yeoh fly: Pricel-- er, well, actually that
      was pretty expensive, too.

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Today's Top 5 List authors are:
Jennifer A. Ford, Ft. Wayne, IN     -- 1
Aimee Spanier, Oakland, CA          -- 2
Scott Sistek, Seattle, WA           -- 3, 6
Jude Benlab, Swarthmore, PA         -- 4, 8 
Galen Carnicelli, San Francisco, CA -- 5
Wade Kwon, Birmingham, AL           -- 7
Douglas Jones, Santa Cruz, CA       -- 9
David Arquette, Los Angeles, CA     -- The evil that lurks within
Eric F. Lipton, Washington, DC      -- Script Doctor

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