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                           July 23, 2004

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

         Well, Catwoman finally made it to the theaters.
        The film was plagued with delays for years, from
        a lead actress change to numerous script rewrites
           to star Halle Berry smacking her head on a
            light and spending a day at the hospital.

             The Top 9 Other Problems Making Catwoman

 9. Instead of Halle Berry, the casting director initially
    contacted Chuck Berry.

 8. Halle refused to come when called and spent most of the day
    sleeping on top of the video monitor.

 7. Every morning, it took an entire ladder company to get her 
    down from a tree.

 6. Director forced to decide if he's a man or a mouse.

 5. Hoards of horny tomcats howling outside of Ms. Berry's 
    trailer at all hours. Male felines, too.

 4. First Unit crew completely distracted watching Halle clean
    herself with her tongue.

 3. Hollywood Dog Union lead a media blitz claiming the movie 
    was biased and would stir up "anti-canine" sentiments.

 2. Production ground to a halt every time someone used the can
    opener at craft service.

    and the Number 1 Other Problem Making Catwoman...

 1. Constant wardrobe malfunctions with Eartha Kitt's Grandma
    Kitty outfit caused two PAs to claw their own eyes out.

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Today's Top 5 List authors are:
John English, Orem, UT              -- 1 (3rd #1)
Scott Witmer, Hanover, PA           -- 2
Curtis Stoddard, Milwaukie, OR      -- 3, 8
Dawson Rambo, Santa Rosa, CA        -- 4
William C. Martell, Studio City, CA -- 5, 6, 8 (Three pic deal!)
Scott Bostick, Lake Ridge, VA       -- 5
Kim Moser, New York, NY             -- 7
Janis Spidle, Kansas City, MO       -- 8
Bruce Alter, Fairfax Station, VA    -- 9
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA          -- Cats don't like me

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