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                         January 18, 2002 

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

            Last summer's Final Fantasy featured very
              realistic computer-animated characters.
          Shrek and Monsters, Inc. were huge successes.
            But is there a downside to this animania?

         The Top 8 Problems Dealing with Animated Actors 

 8. Your star catches the Code Red virus from the Final Fantasy
    chick, and you've got to halt production for a week.

 7. Seeing a therapist to figure out why she can spontaneously
    break into song with 30 other people.

 6. Locked in trailer because you refuse to draw his entourage.

 5. Frequent sexual harassment suits because he refuses to wear
    pants (Donald Duck only).

 4. Insists on doing his own stunts because "gravity only works
    if you look down".

 3. Constant demands to be drawn with a smaller ass.

 2. Ebert complains that they just have no depth.

    and the Number 1 Problem Dealing with Animated Actors...

 1. Your blockbuster sequel is almost derailed when early sketches
    of your love interest appear in Playtoon.

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Alex Earl, Civilian              -- 2, 7
Peter Rogers, Improvisor         -- 3, 8
Brian Klesc, Civilian            -- 4
William C. Martell, Screenwriter -- 5, 6
Kristian Idol, Writer/Director   -- Moderator

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