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                        September 26, 2003

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

             Woody Allen's new movie, Anything Else,
              stars Jason Biggs and Christina Ricci.

               The Top 7 Things Overhead on the Set
                   of the New Woody Allen Movie

 7. "Boy oh boy, I really hope this one takes place in New York!"

 6. "Woody! You know you're not allowed to bring kids on the set
     during filming. Oh, sorry, Soon-Yi."

 5. "That painfully nerdy guy really fits the part brilliantly!"
    "Actually, that's the director."

 4. "I, ah, swear, Soon-Yi, I have no, ah, earthly idea how that
     underwear photo of, ah, Miss Ricci got into my trailer."

 3. "It's not that you aren't attractive, Christina, it's just
     that once you go pie, you never go back."

 2. "Stop!! Stop singing 'Tomorrow'! It was Annie Hall, not Annie!

            and the Number 1 Thing Overhead on the Set
                  of the New Woody Allen Movie...

 1. "For the last time, Woody, we can't call it American Blintz.
    Can you think of anything else??"

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Janis Spidle, Kansas City, MO              -- 1, 2 (3rd #1)
Kris Johnson, Los Angeles, CA              -- 1 (3rd #1)
Brad Wilkerson, El Sobrante, CA            -- 3, 7
Bruce Alter, Fairfax Station, VA           -- 4
Gideon Griebenow, Potchefstroom, S. Africa -- 5
Danny Gallagher, Henderson, TX             -- 6
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA                 -- Anxious Gentile

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