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                           June 9, 2006 

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

             Ex-lovers Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres 
            bumped into each other at the GQ Celebrity 
              Poker for Peace Games; it was the first
            time they'd seen each other in five years. 
               Heche was with husband Coley Laffoon,
            DeGeneres with girlfriend Portia de Rossi. 

   The Top 9 Things Overheard at the Heche/Degeneres Encounter

 9. "So, what's he got that I haven't got? Oh, right..."

 8. "Well, say what you want about him, at least he always leaves
     the toilet seat down."

 7. "Just get it out of your mind right now, Coley!"

 6. "Poker? Not since she switched teams!"

 5. "Wow, did you ever think you'd see a catfight that men
     didn't want to watch?"

 4. "Hostess, I speak Straight... Yo, dude, the chick is just
     sayin', is she good in the sack or what?"

 3. "One of these four is not like the others.
     One of these four just doesn't belong."

 2. "You know, my Psycho DVD is set to auto-repeat Chapter 9 in
     an endless loop."

                and the Number 1 Thing Overheard at
                  the Heche/Degeneres Encounter... 

 1. "And here I thought you were just going to go out and ride
     your Porsche."

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Brandon Hunt, Braintree, MA      -- 1, 8
John English, Orem, UT           -- 2
Bruce Alter, Fairfax Station, VA -- 3, 7
Arthur Levesque, Laurel, MD      -- 4, 6
Kris Johnson, Los Angeles, CA    -- 4
Josh Sinnett, Bellingham, WA     -- 5
Dave Ferry, Purvis, MS           -- 9
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA       -- I like girls, too.

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