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                          January 2, 2004 

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

         Nostradamus was a 16th-century prophet who wrote 
           over 900 cryptic poems, supposedly predicting 
             events ranging from those occuring in his
               own lifetime to modern-day disasters. 

           The Top 8 Nostradamus Movie Predictions (Pt. 1)

 8. "Numerous will be attempts to conquer Earth from the sky. But
    midway through the Plan numbered 9, the King of the Vampyres
    will die and be replaced, poorly."

 7. "A tale of an ancient goddess shall be so beloved as to
    inspire a cult of disciples that will swell to embrace the
    whole of the known world. That goddess will be named Ishtar."

 6. "In the year 4 of Hell's Ice Age, a man of the name Shatner
    will be betrothed a much smaller man named Oscar."

 5. "The dawn of the 3rd thousand years will bring kingly riches
    to soulless men who wouldst revel in spinning fables of
    adolescents and their carnal knowing of baked goods."

 4. "In great, darkened rooms will pictures be moving, and in
    many, hijinks shall faithfully ensue."

 3. "The 3rd of 27 husbands of the ample Latin temptress will be
    shown to be of gay comportment after all."

 2. "Three times a son of Italy will tell of God and Father, the
    2nd story as well or better then the 1st, and the 3rd much,
    much worse than either of those preceding."

    and the Number 1 Nostradamus Movie Prediction...

 1. "And as such the cycle will be 49 weeks of sucking, followed
    by 3 weeks of Quality whoring itself for prizement."

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Bruce Alter, Fairfax Station, VA -- 2, 8
Scott Witmer, Hanover, PA        -- 3, 6
Scott Bostick, Lake Ridge, VA    -- 5, 7
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA       -- List Sage

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