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                          January 9, 2004

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

         Nostradamus was a 16th-century prophet who wrote 
           over 900 cryptic poems supposedly predicting 
             events ranging from those occuring in his
                own lifetime to modern-day disasters. 

            The Top 7 Nostradamus Movie Predictions (Pt. 2)

 7. "Future history will indeed be whitewashed, so that the third
    act will appease Testers of the Screen."

 6. "There shall be a famine of good tales, but when one does
    arise, 10 more shall follow but taste of corruption. And they
    shall be numbered in Roman fashion."

 5. "Is it not lawful for the Master to do as he pleases with the
    Stories of Wars that are his? So the 4th shall be 1st, and
    then the 1st made 4th."

 4. "Five centuries forth, a pretender to the Arts named Smithee
    will produce a body of work so reviled that those who dare
    speak of it will swear that no such earthly man couldst

 3. "Inadequate stories, written by The Untalented, will create a
    category known to all as Straight to Videa."

 2. "Two warriors, one an African and the other a player of
    Piccolo, will befriend each other. But the Piccolo will die
    most tragically, as grown men watch and cry."

    and the Number 1 Nostradamus Movie Prediction...

 1. "The Lesser will be taunted and beaten by men bearing 3 Greek
    symbols, yet these same Nerdian men will rally and exact their

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