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                         February 5, 2010                         

                      The Top 9 Movie Myths                       

 9. Inside Gigli there was an excellent movie trying to get out.

 8. The sinking scene in Titanic was actually shot in reverse,
    as it as easier to raise a cruise ship than sink it.

 7. Soylent Green was actually made out of crushed pistachios
    with a bit of mint.

 6. Citizen Kane's last words were supposed to be "Rosˇ, bud" --
    a request for a last glass of wine, but the typewriter didn't
    have an "ˇ" key.

 5. Mel Gibson secretly produced Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg!

 4. If James Cameron leaves the daily rushes and sees his shadow,
    it means six more weeks of filming.

 3. That one where Sundance opens a restaurant and Butch ends up
    hawking spaghetti sauce has gotta be a myth, right?

 2. Alfred Hitchcock once had a walk-on cameo in a film three
    years after his death.

    and the Number 1 Movie Myth...

 1. Under TSA's Liquids and Gels restrictions, Pam Anderson is
    forbidden to fly on commercial airplanes.

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Selected from 21 submissions from 6 contributors.
This week's list authors are:
Bruce Alter, Fairfax Station, VA    -- 1, 5
Kim Moser, New York, NY             -- 2
Trish Jensen, Reedsville, PA        -- 3
Donald Johnson, Cincinnati, OH      -- 4
Victor Vitek, Hopewell Junction, NY -- 6, 7, 8, 9 (Blockbuster!)
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA          -- Myth Directed

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