Fool of a Book

                          January 24, 2002

                           NOTE FROM ERIC:

               Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings 
                has been an unqualified success this 
               winter, making millions of dollars and 
              millions of new fans for J.R.R. Tolkien's 
             classic books. However, some feel the movie 
               strays too far from the classic tale...

        The Top 9 Inconsistencies in The Lord of the Rings

 9. Sexy as it may be, the real Frodo never wore the ring through 
    his navel.

 8. Boromir seen drinking Pepsi, but only drank Coke in the 

 7. Bilbo's birthday party should have taken place outside in a 
    field. I don't think Middle Earth even has Chuck E. Cheese. 

 6. Even though the Hobbits love food, I'm pretty sure that the 
    book didn't have an intimate scene between Pippin Took and 
    an apple pie. 

 5. Fairly certain elf king Elrond's last name isn't "Hubbard". 

 4. Tolkien is clear about this: Dark Lord Sauron is felled by 
    a sword, not a poorly chewed pretzel.

 3. Okay, the big ogre in the dwarf mines was fine, but the 
    talking donkey?

 2. Pretty sure that in the book Frodo did'nt say, "Yee-uh! 
    Bling-bling, bitch!" when the wizard gave him the ring.

    and the Number 1 Inconsistency in The Lord of the Rings...

 1. Sure it looked cool, but Gandalf ought to be far too 
    dignified to pee off the top of Saruman's tower. 

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Eric M. Wakeford, Niagara Falls, ON -- 3
Jude Benlab, Swarthmore, PA         -- 4, 5
Michael Cunningham, Woodridge, IL   -- 6
Wade Kwon, Birmingham, AL           -- 8
Bruce W. Alter, Fairfax Station, VA -- 9
Eric F. Lipton, Washington, DC      -- Script Doctor

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