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                         December 10, 2004

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

              Eighteen-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan
               (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) has been
               a bit overexposed in the press lately...

            The Top 7 Dating Tips From Lindsay Lohan

 7. If your date gets too aggressive, remind him that your dad 
    is out on bail.

 6. Make sure your boyfriend's difficulty with English is just
    part of his TV role.

 5. If you must date an actor who plays a minor role on a 
    sitcom, at least date one who can score some weed.

 4. Upgrade your guy by upgrading your bra size!

 3. Make sure your new man isn't dating a psycho, catty teen
    actress. Besides yourself, I mean.

 2. Before he meets your date, have your bodyguard pat down 
    your Dad.

    and the Number 1 Dating Tip From Lindsay Lohan...

 1. While out with a new hottie, never encounter an ex-boyfriend
    unless at least two tabloid photographers are present.

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