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                           May 22, 2009                           

                       NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:                        

           Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in the fourth            
         Terminator movie, but only via special effects.          

         The Top 8 CGI Effects in Terminator Salvation            

 8. Schwarzenegger's 2018 gubernatorial re-election posters
    plastered everywhere.

 7. Subliminal promos for Batman 3 inserted whenever Christian
    Bale is on screen.

 6. Thanks to some digital enhancement, Moon Bloodgood's moon is
    bloody good!

 5. In a cameo nod to McG's other films, the Terminator is seen
    crushing the life out of Charlie's Angels.

 4. Digitally removed Helena Bonham Carter's "TIM BURTON IS MY
    OVERLORD" back tattoo.

 3. The amazing car crash scene? No CGI involved - that was the
    405 at rush hour.

 2. In response to complaints from the Obama administration, all
    weapons now fire flowers and love beads.

    and the Number 1 CGI Effect in Terminator Salvation...

 1. Post-Production had to fix every closeup of Christian Bale
    because they were out of focus for some reason.

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