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                         January 20, 2006

                        NOTE FROM KRISTIAN:

                  At the Golden Globes this week,
           Sir Anthony Hopkins won the Cecil B. DeMille
             Award for lifetime achievement. Tony has
              admitted, though, that the beginning of
               his career was considerably tougher.

       The Top 9 Alcoholic Behaviors of Sir Anthony Hopkins

 9. Every morning, went through empty bottles looking for the
    remains of the day.

 8. Was responsible for far more than just one human stain.

 7. Always claiming he saw pink elephant men.

 6. Swore that all the Bloody Marys on the set of Bram Stoker's
    Dracula were props.

 5. Once ate his victim's liver with some fava beans, a nice
    Chianti, three swigs of Jack, a couple Dos Equis and a hit
    of fingernail polish.

 4. Thought the movie he did with Brad Pitt was Meet Johnny
    Walker Black.

 3. Did shots into the wee hours with those maniacs Merchant and

 2. That intense, unblinking stare? Trying to remember where he
    put his car keys.

    and the Number 1 Alcoholic Behavior of Sir Anthony Hopkins...

 1. Freejack

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Selected from 30 submissions from 9 contributors.
This week's list authors are:
Scott Bostick, Lake Ridge, VA             -- 1, 8
Kris Johnson, Los Angeles, CA             -- 2, 5
Gideon Griebenow, Johannesburg, S. Africa -- 2
Curtis Stoddard, Milwaukie, OR            -- 3
Danny Gallagher, Henderson, TX            -- 4, 6
Bruce Alter, Fairfax Station, VA          -- 4, 9
Kobus Myburgh, Vanderbijlpark, S. Africa  -- 4
Brandon Hunt, Braintree, MA               -- 7, 9
Kristian Idol, Burbank, CA                -- Hopkins fan, honest

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