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Saving Private Ryan, The Passion of the Christ, Das Boot...

Once upon a time, many moons ago, a young man named Chris White committed the sincerest form of flattery upon Letterman's "Top Ten" bit, and began publishing a jumbo list every weekday. These "humor" lists were about all sorts of things, yea, all manner of everyday life topics.

Hijinks ensued.

And when that just wasn't usurping enough of his precious, back-breaking, soul-draining, compound-adjectiving time, Chris created the Little Fiver -- leaner, meaner, weekly lists in specific genres, like Sports or Pets. And he let others run them, so that he could enjoy his mint julep.

I begged Mr. White to give - the Movies list - to me.

He did, I did, my contributors do, and Dude, it was a done deal.

Thus, this be the archive of over 400 Top5 Movies "Little Fiver" lists (and the defunct Showbiz Insider lists, which included topics about movies, TV, music and fame) since March 2001.

Read them. Enjoy them. Revel in our sarcasm.

And you better well revel in the fact that my 44 contributors do this all for free, and we got freakin' blistaz on our fingaz!

- Love, Kris

477 lists

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